My not-so-secret obsessions

Young adult, female, living in the U.S. Bookworm, music fanatic, movie & T.V. lover. I'm mainly posting for movies & T.V. shows that I obsess over- I mean, love, but there are others thrown in there. I'm currently sailing on the Linctavia ship. I love Arrow with all of my soul and Star Crossed and The 100 are pretty close to that, so I might post quite a bit of those... :)

I finally found a gifset with all of his badassery moments in The Calm. Seriously. He does one of the coolest flips off of something I’ve seen from this show, climbs a beam like a monkey, jumps down like a boss, and does this awesome ninja take-down from behind. I am ecstatic with this new badass Roy.

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Mother, spare me your farmyard memories. You have none and I don’t understand them.

—John, Robin Hood

Michael Scofield + Blue

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Random mini-Arrow Damaged gif hunt.

When a place has set hours and they’re closed right in the middle of them.