My not-so-secret obsessions

Young adult, female, living in the U.S. Bookworm, music fanatic, movie & T.V. lover. I'm mainly posting for movies & T.V. shows that I obsess over- I mean, love, but there are others thrown in there. I'm currently sailing on the Linctavia ship. I love Arrow with all of my soul and Star Crossed and The 100 are pretty close to that, so I might post quite a bit of those... :)

Arrow season 3 “High Speed Chase” promo

The excitement is real guys. Although I must point out that Oliver using a gun reminds me of Eliot Spencer. OCTOBER 8, PEOPLE.

Also, I heard Liam Neeson agreed to play Ra’s al Ghul in Arrow. Rumor or not? I don’t know for sure. But I know the only thing that could possibly, maybe, a little make Arrow even awesome-er, would be Liam Neeson. We shall see…

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Watching Person of Interest 2x08

So watching this episode. A husband and a wife taking a hit out on each other.


Seeing some more of Grace and Harold.


Carter and John talking about dating.

image image

John’s facial expressions are the freaking best

Seeing Harold put together a scavenger hunt for Grace.


And then remembering that Grace thinks he’s dead.



Carter’s nervous chuckle when Beecher asks her out.


Grace & Harold kiss.

Summary of my feelings on Grace and Harold:

Thank you for appreciating my descent into devious behavior.

—Harold Finch, Person of Interest 2x08